Moosecow sent off to the duplicators!

Rob Hunter’s Moosecow DVD is done! Filming of the live show, as well as all editing and DVD authoring was done by dribble. It has loads of extras, including Rob’s Late O’Clock sketches, which were also produced by us. Graphic Design by Chris Edser. Audio by Studio Whitt. It will be launched later in the …


Festival Fishbowl

Over the Adelaide Fringe, dribble produced Festival Fishbowl – a live online chat show. The 18 shows were hosted by Jason Chong, and featured over 100 artists. We used a new workflow for this project, using BoinxTV to cut live between various inputs (including webcams, Skype calls, video inserts and photos) before streaming out via …


Mickey D – Live at the Arkaba

Mickey D’s DVD is done and on sale! dribble enterprises organised the whole production, from budgeting, finding crew, filming, editing, colour correction, and DVD authoring. Graphic Design by Paul Higgs. Audio post production by Studio Whitt. It was a great night – over 600 people say Mickey eat a spider!  Featuring commentary by Mickey’s mum …


Mickey D DVD Shoot

dribble enterprises will be producing a live DVD for stand up comedian Mickey D. Mickey will be performing 360 – in the round!  It will be a 4 camera shoot using Sony EX cameras, then edited and showcased on a DVD loaded with extras in time for the Australian festival season. For more on Mickey: …


Kitty Kemble’s Burlesque School

December 22nd saw the first graduation performances of Kitty Kemble’s Burlesque School in Adelaide.  We shot rehearsals and the performance to cut together a record of the performances and a promo reel, using the EX1 and a combination of shoulder-mounted and tripod shots. More info on the school can be found by clicking here.  


Melbourne Fringe

During the Melbourne Fringe, I recorded some of the shows for the artists. They were While I’m Away by Telia Neville (one of my favourites for the whole festival), Maelstrom by Crockpot Productions and Love & Marriage by Cath Styles. All shows were shot in 1920×1080 and delivered on DVD as well as in full …