Greg Fleet’s Bootlegs & Jumper Pants

We have just completed an extremely quick turnaround for Greg Fleet’s new DVD “Bootlegs and Jumper Pants”. The DVD is a compilation of Fleety’s Gala television spots as well as highlights from his live show “Fleety’s Big Love” at the 2011 MICF. He wanted to take the DVD’s on the road with him as he …


More+Comedy Presents

After filming Greg Fleet’s Big Love over 2 nights at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on one EX1 and one EX3 cameras, dribble has produced videos for the stable of comedians at and Comedians include: Fiona O’Loughlin, Greg Fleet, Tommy Dean, The Sandman, Simon Palomares, Cam Knight, Adam Vincent, Jason Chong, Jacques Barrett, …


Mickey D DVD Shoot

dribble enterprises will be producing a live DVD for stand up comedian Mickey D. Mickey will be performing 360 – in the round!  It will be a 4 camera shoot using Sony EX cameras, then edited and showcased on a DVD loaded with extras in time for the Australian festival season. For more on Mickey: …

The Golden Phung

The Golden Phung

This week we have been filming with 2010 Adelaide Fringe Best Newcomer Award Nominees: The Golden Phung, a sketch comedy group based in Adelaide. The shoot was over various locations on the EX1, and included breaking through wood, ripping someone’s heart out and throwing a body off a building. Look out for them on facebook …


Ten Secs Education

Today we launched Ten Secs Education!  It’s a web-series and podcast with daily ten second episodes that may make you smarter (but probably just giggle). The first 100 episodes were shot in and around the City of Adelaide with 10 of Adelaide’s best comics. It was shot on the EX1, mostly handheld, edited in FCP …


Late O’Clock with Rob Hunter

Comedian Rob Hunter is making a series of interview sketches. We’re filming with 3 cameras, the EX1, as well as 2 3CCD DV Cameras, converting all the footage to SD ProRes and editing using multicam in Final Cut Pro.  


Kitty Kemble’s Burlesque School

December 22nd saw the first graduation performances of Kitty Kemble’s Burlesque School in Adelaide.  We shot rehearsals and the performance to cut together a record of the performances and a promo reel, using the EX1 and a combination of shoulder-mounted and tripod shots. More info on the school can be found by clicking here.  


nuSoftware video uploaded

The video for nuSoftware is now completed.  You can see it at The video was directed and edited by Mark Trenwith.  Good man.  


nuSoftware Shoot

On one of these 39 degree days we’ve just had, dribble was hired by director/editor Mark Trenwith to shoot a series of web testimonials for nuSoftware.  Jason shot on the EX1 in 720p. As soon as it’s edited, you’ll be able to see it on nuSoftware’s website.  


Melbourne Fringe

During the Melbourne Fringe, I recorded some of the shows for the artists. They were While I’m Away by Telia Neville (one of my favourites for the whole festival), Maelstrom by Crockpot Productions and Love & Marriage by Cath Styles. All shows were shot in 1920×1080 and delivered on DVD as well as in full …