Getting it out there…

dribble enterprises can create professional DVD’s using DVD Studio Pro, the industry standard DVD authoring software.

From creating DVD’s of holiday videos and photos to transfer of tapes (VHS, Hi 8, Mini DV etc) and film (Super 8) to long lasting DVD.

All the pieces of the puzzle

Subtitles, slideshows, commentary, multiangle, multi audio, interactivity, DVD-ROM, DVD@CCESS, dribble enterprises can do it all.

Past clients include the Borderers (band), Sort of the Rings (comedy show promo DVD), 3 Blokes Walk Into A Club (comedy show promo DVD).

Delivery Boys

A lot goes into authoring a DVD.  It must be authored, encoded correctly, sent for duplication or replication, and if required, uploaded for online delivery.  It’s a process that must be done carefully, or all the other steps before it may have been in vain.  We have the experience in delivering on time, the best possible product.