Look around at how the world is changing.

Sometimes we forget how much the online world is part of our lives.  When was the last time you looked up a number in the phone book?  Send a letter to a friend?  Went to the video store?  These days, people are consuming media in front of their computers at work, in a cafe on their laptops, or on their phones on the bus.

If you want people to see your video, it’s got to be online.

It’s for everyone.

Everyone’s been to youtube, but there are plenty of other ways to get your video out there.  Embedding on websites, subscribing to podcasts and viral marketing are just a few.

But there are strategies in both the production and distribution that will determine if a few people will see your video, versus millions.

We can help make that happen for you.

Here’s your cake – where would you like to eat it?

iPads, iPods, laptops, desktops, blackberries, YouTube, android, streaming, downloading, Vimeo, podcasts, vodcasts, flash, HTML5…  There are so many ways to consume online video, it’s easy to get confused.  Luckily, there’s a perfect solution for every situation, all you need to do is let us know where you want to end up and we’ll get you there.  And if online is only part of your strategy, and you still want some room to make DVD’s or put it on TV, then we can get you there too.