Video production services for the comedy industry

Your chance to breathe life into your old shows.

Every year, comedians work their skins off to produce a one-hour original show to tour the festival circuit.  And well before the final performance, you’re already thinking of what you have to do next year.  But what happens to all that hard work and great material?  Often, it’s discarded as you need to use all your stage time on working up new material.  So rather than lose all that material, why not put it onto a DVD?

  • Sell them after gigs so people can take a piece of you home with them.
  • Sell them at unpaid gigs so you’re not doing freebies anymore.
  • Sell them at footy clubs / regional tours / mining gigs.
  • Let people who’ve seen you promote you to all their friends.
  • Send them to potential clients.
  • Send them to future festivals.
  • Use them as a showreel.
  • Put it online.
  • Set it up on createspace and have them made or downloaded on demand
  • Keep it to show your parents/grandma/kids (when they’re older).

All the info…

1 Camera Shoot

  • 1 camera filming
  • Basic titles and editing (who, what, where and thankyous)
  • Delivered on a master DVD (standard definition) and full HD data file (for uploading to web etc)

2 Camera Shoot

  • Standard titles and editing (as above, but incorporating external video, graphics and artwork as well as mixing 2 cameras)
  • Delivered on a master DVD (standard definition) and full HD data file (for uploading to web etc)

3 Camera Shoot

  • 3 camera filming
  • Advanced titles and editing (as above, plus a 1-2 min intro movie with titles and mixing 3 cameras)
  • Trailer for websites etc
  • Delivered on DVD (standard definition) and full HD data file (for uploading to web etc)

DVD Duplication

Approximate duplication costs, including burning, full colour disc printing and delivery in DVD case with full colour artwork:

200 pc $600

1000 pc $1500

Additional Services

We also highly recommend audio mixing from Studio Whitt and Graphic Design by Chris Edser, and these can be arranged on your behalf.

Extra Features

If you would like to add things to your DVD such as commentary, sketches, special features or other videos you’ve previously made, let us know and we can incorporate these into the final DVD master.  There may be an additional fee for some items.

Splitting a Show

You can lower the cost by splitting a taping with another comic.  It costs the same if we hire the equipment and cameramen for one show or two, so if we film 2 shows back to back, you can split the costs.  You can save up to $400 and help stack each other’s audience.

What You Need To Do

You would need to find a venue and promote the show.  Keep in mind that some venues charge extra if you want to film the performance.  Of course, you get to keep any money you make from ticket sales.  If you can sell out a 100-seater and sell tickets for $20, you’ve already paid for a 3 camera shoot and your first 200 DVDs.  You could even give a DVD to each person in the crowd and still have 100 left!

Before the performance, we would sit down and discuss your show and figure out any technical aspects of it (using a projector, crowd interaction, music issues etc) so we know what to expect.

If you have anything else you want to put on the DVD, let us know and we can give you specific advice in relation to formats, minimum size requirements etc.