Bowley wide

Michael Bowley DVD Filming

On Monday 29th of November, Michael Bowley shot his first DVD at the beautiful Capri Cinema. He helped offset the cost of the DVD in a number of innovative ways.  He shot a showcase reel of other Adelaide comedians Jon Brooks, Ivan Aristeguieta and Dave Campbell, which he will use to book comedy nights around the …

Granny Flaps

Granny Flaps DVD recording

On September 7th, the Award winning Granny Flaps recorded her forthcoming DVD at the Semaphore Palais.  Not only was it a great show, but we also shot a Q&A session for a DVD extra. The venue looked great, and the DVD was shot with 4 Sony EX1 cameras a big dolly and a jib.  It …

GF Stand Up

Kate Burr, Lori Bell and Georgie Carroll at the Semaphore Palais!

On September 7th, Adelaide comedians Kate Burr, Lori Bell and Georgie Carroll recorded a show to make a showreel and possibly a DVD and audio CD. dribble shot with 4 Sony EX1 cameras, and incorporated a jib and a 9m dolly for some fantastic looking shots.  Editing will be done in FCPX and audio sweetened …

Joe Avati

Joe Avati sketch

Joe has been asked to do a guest appearance on YouTube channel “Nonna Maria and Friends”.  The only problem is that they live in Canada! So we shot his parts in Melbourne, and then sent them via the interwebs to Canada!

George Kapiniaris

George Kapiniaris: Zorba the Freak

George Kapiniaris is one of the country’s most beloved comedians, and the 600-strong crowd lapped him up over his 2 shows at the Comics Lounge in North Melbourne, as he recorded his new DVD “Zorba the Freak”. We shot with 3 cameras, including one on a 9m dolly track that came out looking fantastic. It …

Gab Rossi

Gabriel Rossi’s War on Political Correctness

Gab Rossi performed 2 shows at the Comics Lounge in North Melbourne in front of 600 people to record his new DVD “War on Political Correctness.” We shot with 3 cameras, including one on a 9m dolly track that came out looking fantastic. It will be edited and finished in FCPX and DVD Studio Pro …

Michael Connell school

Michael Connell – School Show

At 9am in the morning on May 29th, Michael Connell performed 3 shows back to back for school children in Melbourne’s East. We shot it all with 3 cameras, and the show was edited and colour corrected on FCPX, and will be used online as well as on Michael’s upcoming DVD. Audio post production by …

Trackpad Video header

Editing using gestures, like they used to do in the future.

Here is something I’ve been experimenting with for a few days. I’ve always wanted to edit using gestures. I’ve even considered developing an iPhone/iPad app for it. I bought a Magic Trackpad (I edit on an Apple iMac) about a year ago, and was quite disappointed with the integration with OSX. Also, it doesn’t seem …

Something in the Water

Something in the Water DVD preview!

Early in the new year, 1000 DVDs were delivered to Adelaide Comedy featuring Mike Klimczak, Kel Balnaves, Darren Brinkworth, Fabien Clark, Eliza Thomas, Amos Gill, Steven Copley, Angus Hodge, James McCann and Mad Dog Malcolm. The DVD came out fantastic, and is available from the comedians involved at their gigs or many of their websites, …